Private Hosting


Private Infrastructure

NDIT Solutions is a “Cloud Services Provider” or CSP that caters to the requirements of both small and large businesses. Small businesses need a rich set of capabilities to minimize the cost of their IT efforts, while large businesses have complex IT Infrastructure demands. NDIT Solutions solves these fundamental business problems by offering tailored cloud solutions coupled with managed services designed for each of these business segments.

Hosted Public Cloud IT Infrastructures for small business that provide Desktop-as-a-Service. Hosted enterprise class servers for large business delivering DR-as-a-Service. All is customized to suit your company’s need at an affordable monthly fee.

You have the option to access raw compute and memory resources to configure and manage your company’s IT needs OR you can opt for our fully managed and monitored services, enabling you to focus on your business while we take care of your IT. Our services come with options for backup and disaster recovery and our secure expandable high-speed storage was built to support any storage requirement you might have. Our IT Infrastructure is hosted within a top-class US datacenter.

To ensure your security, our platform is SSAE 16 compliant with built-in multi-tenancy. Your environment is logically isolated using vLANs and firewalls along with data encryption using today’s industry standard 256-bit AES encryption solutions.


Functionality Included

With our Office-in-the-Cloud service you get a simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. We go all the way! We make sure you have the required servers to power your centralized applications as well as the right number of desktops to serve your employees. Our team sets up your complete office in our Enterprise grade Cloud infrastructure. All of this delivered for one fixed monthly fee.

Centralized Management

Our Office-in-the-Cloud service includes an easily configured and deployed office environment with servers and desktops running on our state-of-the-art multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure. Desktops or servers can be easily added or removed based on business needs through a centralized management console.

High Availability and DR Included

All of our products and services include a comprehensive set of Disaster Recovery tools. Data image backups are taken every 30 minutes. Our Disaster Recovery is the most comprehensive service in the marketplace.

Data Security

With our Office-in-the-Cloud Service any of your data is just that: Yours! All your virtual machines, desktops, and Servers are behind a fully configurable firewall. We guarantee the utmost security from SSAE16 compliance and 256-bit AES encryption while storing your data on our expandable storage pools. Oh yeah we forgot to mention that your data is stored at locations within the United States

Infrastructure Management

Reducing the total cost of ownership of desktops and laptops is a key objective for IT departments. Traditional desktop and laptop management systems can add significant complexity and increase the cost of supporting users. Plus, managing those desktops and laptops can require numerous applications, including those for application deployment, inventory, OS management and antivirus protection. Virtualization makes it easier to centrally manage and support users’ desktops. Plus, you have more control over app deployment, user access and other management tasks.

Security Protection

The increasing mobility of users and their devices makes it harder for IT managers to manage physical desktops and laptops. Viruses & Malware are major security threats that has become more complex and difficult to detect. Pro+ Desktop virtualization can improve the security of data at rest.

Both physical and virtual machines still have the same Windows operating system, applications and network vulnerabilities. However, desktop virtualization can improve the security of data at rest. Company data on laptops or desktops is no longer stored in unsecured environments; it is now stored within the walls of the data center.

In addition, using multiple operating system instances or application virtualization technologies can isolate applications. Separate virtual desktop environments can be used to access sensitive data, providing an additional layer of separation and security.

Non-persistent desktops can revert the desktop operating system and applications back to a known-good state. IT-controlled virtual desktops in the data center can be more reliably updated with antivirus signature files, patches and updates. Data from desktops can be backed up or collected with electronic discovery systems

Disaster Recovery

As business continuity and disaster recovery plans are gaining importance, IT managers increasingly rely on desktop virtualization to provide on-demand access at a failover site. Traditionally, businesses looking at full disaster recovery would store PC inventory at a secondary, stand-by facility where users could come and work in the event that the primary location was unavailable.

With virtualization, IT managers can provision thousands of desktops in a virtual environment, quickly providing access to applications in the event that worker access to primary endpoints is not possible.

In addition, virtual desktops and modern remote display protocols enable users to gain access to their desktops and applications remotely. Now that mobile devices provide nearly ubiquitous Internet access, workers expect to be able to connect to corporate systems anywhere, anytime via multiple consumer devices.